First Universalist Food Pantry

Stained Glass

Located in rural Alabama poverty is a fact of life here. According to Google, 40.9% of those for whom poverty status is determined live below the poverty line. The national average is 13.4%.

In keeping with our UU values which affirm the inherent worth and dignity of all people and with our simple desire to be a good neighbor, the First Universalist Food Pantry, distributes food to the poor in our area, many of whom are elderly.

The Alabama Buddhist Fellowship frequently helps, with volunteers coming up from Auburn or Opelika. Together we visit our clients, about forty households, and in addition to the food, we take time to be present and to listen. Beneath the poverty there is an epidemic of loneliness, as children move off in search of living wages.

Camp Hill UU today consists of about eight people. The food we distributes costs about .20 cents a pound. On average we distribute about a thousand pounds a month. Any and all donations of either time or of money are weclomed. If you wish for your monetary donations to be used exclusively for the operation of the foodbank, please note it in your donation. However we have no paid staff and all other donations will go to support the preservation of the First Universalist Church of Camp Hill as well as the First Universalist Food Pantry.